Free $RAI (RAI coin) Giveaway using Telegram Bot

What is RAI?
RAI is A Revolutionary Coin, Designed for Real Life & Daily Use, Instant, Rewardable, Scalable, Programmable, Well Decentralized, Full Mesh Network, Credit Secure System.
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So, here is the simple step to start claiming your free $RAI.

  1. you need a telegram account.
  2. Join @RaicoinOfficial ( on telegram and start the giveaway bot @Raicoin_giveaway_bot (
    after you start the bot, you should got this messages:

3. Type “verify”, then your account will be automatically approved.
if not, then you’ll find somekind of messages like this:

4. If you got those message above, don’t worry, you just need an a old github account(with minimum 5 contribution before 30–09–2020) / old bitcointalk account (with minimum 5 post/replies before 30–09–2020).
There is an Apply ID inside the bot, you need to send DM (direct messages) to @BitHaru ( on telegram.
send the Apply ID + Screenshot of your github/bitcointalk account. and wait for BitHaru reply your messages for activation.

5. If you got approved (automatically or manual), you can restart the bot @Raicoin_giveaway_bot and then submit your RAI wallet address.

6. If you need to enter Referral ID, use my id : 278005395 , anyone input this id before first time claiming will receive 50% bonus for everyclaim :)

If you didn’t have RAI wallet address, you can download wallet from .
currently the wallet are just for windows, linux, and macOS. if you only have mobile, you can use my vanity address generator on (it’s free and safe, but if you didn’t trust me, try to disable your internet connection, the generator works in offline mode too).
Neither you or me can take back your wallet if you lose the SEED.

RAI Giveaway is free, if you are dm’ed by someone asking payment, then you’re getting scammed :)

If you like this article, simply leave a clap and use my referral id :) thank you.

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